Texas Comptroller's Annual Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Report

Municipality Information

Type of Municipality: City
Name of Municipality: Sealy
Texas Taxpayer ID: 17460031408
Report Year (most recently completed fiscal year): 2019

Municipality's Primary Contact

Name: Steven W. Kutra
Position: Director of Finance
Email: skutra@ci.sealy.tx.us
Phone: (979) 885-3511

Municipality's Hotel Occupancy Tax Information

Tax Rate: 0.07 (7.00%)
Total Revenue Collected During Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year: $ 179,616.56

Municipality's Sports and Community Venue Tax Information

Tax Rate: 0.00%
Total Revenue Collected During Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year: $ 0.00

Amounts and Percentages of Total Revenues Collected and Allocated to Each of the Following Uses During the Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year:

Convention or visitor information centers [Tax Code Sec. 351.101(a)(1)]: $ 65,675.00 36.56%
Registration of convention delegates or registrants [Tax Code Sec. 351.101(a)(2)]: $ 0.00 0.00%
Advertising to attract tourists, delegates, or registrants [Tax Code Sec. 351.101(a)(3)]: $ 0.00 0.00%
The promotion and improvement of the arts [Tax Code Sec. 351.101(a)(4)]: $ 60,000.00 33.40%
Historical restoration and preservation projects/promotions [Tax Code Sec. 351.101(a)(5)]: $ 21,473.85 11.96%
Signage directing the public to sights and attractions [Tax Code Sec. 351.101(a)(9)]: $ 0.00 0.00%