Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is an advisory body appointed by the City Council to advise and make any recommendations to the City Council on matters relating to community development and planning. The Planning Commission plays a significant role in the process of subdivision review, variances and long range comprehensive planning.
The current members of the Planning Commission are:

  Name   Term
Clayton Schavrda 2020-2022
Denyce Treybig 2020-2022
Roxanna Saldana 2020-2022
Robert Goddard 2020-2022
Dwayne Virnau
Ellen Remmert 2021-2023
Clint Stockdick 2021-2023
Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are conducted as follows:

Date: Second (2nd) Tuesday of each month
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Place: W.E. Hill Community Center, 1000 Main Street, Sealy, Texas

The Public is welcome to attend all meetings of the Planning Commission.

Most of the items that come before the Planning Commission require the filing of a development application well in advance of any Planning Commission to staff adequate time to review the request and develop a staff recommendation. However, if any person would like to formally address the Planning Commission on any issue that relates to planning and community development, he/she can physically attend the meeting and sign up to speak before the meeting is called to order. The sign up sheet will be located on the podium to the left of the entrance.