Sealy Economic Development Corporation
To promote economic development in the City of Sealy and to promote or develop municipal infrastructure related to the development or expansion of business enterprise.
Current board members of the Sealy Economic Development Corporation are:
 Name  Term
Wyn McCready 2020-2022
Sterling Schiller 2020-2022
Larry Koy 2020-2022
Yvonne Johnson 2020-2022
Russ Rainwater 2021-2023
Bradley Miller 2021-2023
John Hinze 2021-2023

Administrative (non-voting) members of the Corporation are: 
  • Kimbra Hill - Executive Director
  • Steven W. Kutra - Treasurer
  • Katherine Ellis - Secretary
Currently, regular meetings of the Sealy Economic Development Corporation are held:

Date: 4th (4th) Tuesday of each month
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: W.E. Hill Community Center, 1000 Main Street, Sealy, Texas 77474