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The Street Department manages, maintains, and repairs city streets and rights of way. Responsibilities of the City include pavement management, sidewalk maintenance, sign repair, and the elimination of sight obstructions.


TxDOT Roadways

Roadways that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is responsible for include:

  • State Highway 36
  • State Highway 90
  • Interstate 10
  • FM 1094
  • FM 2187
  • FM 3013
  • FM 3538


There are several natural waterways traversing the county, the largest in Sealy being Allens Creek. The City performs maintenance as needed where the waterways cross city right of way or are on city-owned property.


TxDOT Drainage

The drainage systems along state right of ways are owned and maintained by TxDOT.


Allens Creek & Terri/Kathy Projects

Below is a video compilation of the Allens Creek and Terri & Kathy drainage projects.

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